• Are you an experienced Field Agent

    Are you an experienced Field Agent

    The Australe Group are seeking experienced Field Agents to provide work too.
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Are you an experienced Field Agent

Do you find your clients are wanting more from you? But under-value the work you do?

Work with the Australe Group

The Australe Group is a collective of experienced Field Agents. They are looking for professional and compliant Mercantile Agents and Process Servers to join their program as independent contractors.

Their goal is to build the largest database & network of Field Agents across Australia who are ethical in their business practices and want to be connected directly to quality clients.

The benefits to you are, they will provide you with a platform to track and manage your clients and jobs, including a complete reporting component.

Since 2012 the Australe Group have been developing a customise Mercantile Software, the software has a quoting system that allows clients and agents to obtain instant quotes.

The Australe Group is opening up their software for you to use complimentary if you sign up to be an independent contractor Field Agent.

Are you an Independent Contractor or Business Owner?

There are special requirements to join, Field Agents must have the required licenses and insurances to perform the role, these are determined by which state you work in.

If you are currently working as an independent contractor and have the necessary compliance documents you may automatically qualify to join the Australe Group.

If you can provide the following documents you can apply now!
  • Your state of origin Debt Collectors Licence: This is a preferred document.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: All contractors must have this insurance.
  • Workers Compensation or Sole Trader Insurance: Personal Insurance is required.
  • Current Drivers Licence: Proof of current licence is essential.
  • Police Clearance: Also a required document.

How it Works for Process Servers and Field Agents

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Simple Technology to Improve Efficiency


simple technolgyQuoting is a nightmare in this industry, whether you are a client wanting a quote to get a job done or an agency requiring another agency to do a job for you, consistently getting quick and competitive quotes can sometimes be challenging.

It seems the agent on the ground doing the work often does not have the means to put technology in place to ensure they are able to be efficient. 

Field Agents not utilising technology to improve efficiencies may be left behind, however being able to afford new technology can be prohibitive too.

Would you like a fresh new approach?

In the last few years, there have been sweeping changes to traditional industry's that have rocked the normal way of bringing customers and service providers together. It has only been a manner of time before the Mercantile industry was one of them.

The Australe Group brings Field Agents and Clients together, this has come together by observing all the frustrations of the current way the industry is being serviced.

This is why the Australe Group have decided to offer their Mercantile software to Field Agents for free.

Benefits to Field Agents and Process Servers

  • Access to a wider market and other agents
  • Set your pricing in a structured manner
  • The quick and easy quoting system
  • Utilise specialised software for free
  • Track and manage clients and jobs
  • Storage of compliance documents

The team at the Australe Group's mission is to help Field Agents and Process Servers enhance their businesses through a structured system.

They want to see the Agent on the ground be the one who benefits financially and importantly gets the credit for the good work they do.

Take advantage of a free 30 Minute consultation. We will go through the system and help you determine if it is right for you. 

Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request a callback. 

Sign up as a Field Agent or Process Server 

Enter your details here to register as a Process Server or Field agent with the Australe Group.

You will be redirected to the Field Agents Registration page.

Join The Australe Group

Field agents work as independant contractorsExperienced Field Agents

If you are an experienced agent with the compliance documents you can join up instantly for free.

We can't promise this will always be free. However, agents that have the link to this page can sign up for free. 

This is an exclusive and limited offer.

The Australe Group have hand-picked a small group of agents and you are one of them.

Take advantage of being here first and registered to become one of the founding agents involved.

You're invited to join for free

Why is it free...

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