Nichola and Lindsey Caddy A

Their experience in the industry has been the catalyst for the software.

The Australe Group is a collective of experienced, professional and compliant Mercantile Agents and Process Servers who work as independent contractors, and receive jobs via a specialised software.

The owners Lindsey and Nichola Caddy have been working in the industry since 2004 and their experience has been the catalyst to building the software. Since 2012 they have been developing a customise Mercantile Software which has advanced into a much needed quoting system that allows their clients to obtain an instant quote online. 

The goal of the Australe Group is to streamline the process for Clients and Agents managing jobs. To create efficiency by connecting clients directly to the Agent, they want to see the Agent on the ground be the one who benefits financially and importantly gets the credit for the good work they do.

Their mission is to be the industry's benchmark for compliant Field Agents across Australia, knowing this is a major bugbear for both Clients and Agents they have built a component for Agents to upload their documents for compliance verification by their compliance manager.

The Australe Group Supports Clients in the Legal & Finance Sectors

The Australe Group are committed to supporting their Field Agents & Process Servers

At times it is a very complex and tiring industry to be in as a Field Agent, the Australe Group know and understand this. Their goal is to make the lives of the Field Agent's easier, they have built a simple system that makes it easy for agents to be linked to clients.

The Australe Group are committed to supporting their Clients

They have worked tirelessly to create a simple platform for clients to be linked directly to the agent on the ground doing the work.

The platform allows simple quoting and tracking of jobs. The number one priority for our clients is to streamline the process of getting jobs out in the field, keeping their customers satisfied that the job is being done quickly and efficiently.

Efficiency is the key to a happy working relationship.


Nichola Caddy

Nichola's area of expertise comes from over 30 years of being in business and the last 15 years running BCA Debt, in that time under her guidance BCA Debt has grown into a well-known brand.

Nichola's resilience and determination have expanded BCA Debt into a bespoke debt collection service. Her clients are looking for an alternative to the big non-personal agencies and Nichola has forged a unique place in the market for the company which provides this to BCA Debts clients.

Nichola Works to create an organisational strategy to build business success. Manages the profitability, KPI’s and oversees financial structures. Nichola is also the compliance manager for the organisation.

The goal for Nichola now is to grow the Australe Group into a nationally known brand that supports clients in the Legal and Finance sectors. 

Lindsey Caddy

Lindsey is a highly skilled and experienced field agent, he has been working throughout the Southwest of WA for 15 years. He has also trained and mentored numerous Field Agents and Process Servers over the years.

Southwest Collections is Lindsey's business and under his guidance, it has grown substantially. His Diligence for compliance and ensuring both clients and customers are treated fairly and with respect is what underpins the success of Southwest Collections.

Lindsey's expertise lies in Process Serving, Repossessions and all manner of Field Agent work. His clients range from solicitors, finance companies to fellow mercantile agents.

His expertise in this field has been integral to putting this platform together.

Sharing Knowledge with Associates

By building a community for both agents and clients to share and discuss knowledge the Australe Group have been able to document processes for the industry.

A major undertaking for the platform has been to build the rules of service for process serving and the best way to do this is by gathering the data at the time of quoting.

The Australe Group has built a simple way to capture that information without it being onerous on any one person or team.

As you look around this website you can see there is a great deal of information for both clients and field agents. 

This is just the beginning, they have a lot more to share well into the future.



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